Journal Publications

Chang, D., R. Chen & E. Krupka. (forthcoming). Rhetoric matters: A social norms explanation for the anomaly of framing. Games and Economic Behavior.   (Appendix with experimental instructions)
Chen, Y., M. Jiang, & E. Krupka. (2018). Hunger and the Gender Gap. Experimental Economics.   Copy of an earlier version here:Hunger and Economic Decisions: A Direct Test.
Jenkins, K. R., N. Fakhoury, C. Richardson, M. Segar, E. Krupka, J. Kullgren. (forthcoming). Characterizing Employees’ Preferences for Incentives for Healthy Behaviors: Examples to Improve Interest in Wellness Programs. Health Promotion Practice.
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Krupka, E., S. Leider & M. Jiang. (2017). A Meeting of the Minds: Contracts and Social Norms.  Management Science, 63(6), 1708-1729. (Appendix I, Appendix of instructions, Stata files and Ztree files available on request).
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Conference Publications (peer reviewed)

Chang, D., E. Krupka, E. Adar & A. Acquisti. (2016). Engineering Information Disclosure: Norm Shaping DesignsProceedings of the 33rd International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2016 (CHI 2016). San Jose, CA, USA. May 7-11, 2016.
Munson, S., E. Krupka, C. Richardson & P. Resnick. (2015). Effects of Public Commitments and Accountability in a Technology-Supported Physical Activity InterventionProceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2015 (CHI 2015). Seoul, Korea. April 18-23.
Hullman, J., E. Krupka & E. Adar. (2015). Evaluating Approaches to Crowd Source Visual Analytics 2015 Collective Intelligence Conference.

Working Papers

Krupka, E., S. Leider, Jiang. (2017). Promises-keeping norms and renegotiation behavior.  Manuscript is available.
Xu, C. & E. L. Krupka. (2016). Working With Your Neighbors: Incentives in Networked Coordination Games. Manuscript is available.
Yardi Shoenebeck, S. & E. Krupka. (2016). Misperceptions and Misalignments: How Young Adults Overestimate Mobile Phone Use in Everyday Life. Manuscript is available.
Krupka, E., S. Leider &  C. Xu. (2016). Laboratory on the Social Network: Homophily and Peer Influence for Economic Preferences. Manuscript.
Krupka, E., R. Weber & R. Croson. (2011). When in Rome: Identifying Social Norms as a Group Phenomenon. Manuscript available on request.
Chang, D. & E. Krupka. (20xx). Social Identity and Team Performance. Manuscript. 

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